Digital Photography 1

Instructor – Troy Wayrynen

Email –

Room – 600

Phone – 360-604-3400

Class Overview

Welcome to the exciting and creative world of photography! Students in digital photography 1 will have the opportunity to explore the many facets of the art of photography. Students will create and develop a cohesive concentration of imagery, while exploring and developing their unique and singular vision.


By exploring the tools of the craft, students will be able to develop a personal body of work that demonstrates a range of photographic and visual problem solving and ideation, develop versatile skills as an artist, and learn how to use industry standard photographic tools and techniques. The overreaching goal is to help each student discover and build his or her own visual vocabulary with the intention of developing a personal photographic vision, or style of their own.

By exposure to an abundance of personal growth opportunities, students will begin to see the world differently than they did before this class, and above all, have fun as they learn.

Objectives – Photo Assignments

Students will thoughtfully and consistently use a blog to journal, plan, reflect, and document their artistic growth and the direction of their photographic experiences.

Students will be introduced to influential photographers and sophisticated techniques that will enhance an understanding of digital photography.

Photo assignments will have a variety of themes and be assigned weekly. This is a great time for students to learn and grow as a visual artists and practice using pre-visualization and other photographic techniques. Students will photograph a variety of images for each assignment. Some of the best images will be gathered and published to online galleries and printed for contests and viewing at Heritage High School. Students will also have the opportunity to critique each other’s work.

Each week students will vote for their favorite images. To qualify for the contest, students must meet the weekly deadline of each assignment.

Weekly Photo Challenges

Students will have an opportunity to grow visually through photo challenges. Below is a list of potential photo challenges students may be assigned during the semester:

  • Exposure Triangle
  • Composition
  • Elements of Art
  • Unusual perspective
  • Leading lines
  • Unusual framing devices
  • Slow shutter speed
  • Fast shutter speed
  • Album cover
  • Levitation
  • Themed Photo Series
  • Photographic essay
  • Final Portfolio

Photo Plagiarism

Photos must be images that you took. If you did not press the shutter release button on the camera then you did not take the picture. The cameras we use in class all have self-timers. If it is discovered you turned in work that is not your own, you will get a zero for the assignment and your parents will be notified.


  • Photo challenges (80% of your grade)
  • Tutorials (20% of your grade)

Photo challenges are worth a total of 100 points. Grades are determined using a self-evaluation rubric. Categories include camera technique, composition, application of concepts, attitude and effort, visual journal maintenance and critique.

Late Work

Late work will be accepted within one week of the due date of an assignment. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and complete make-up work when absent. You will need to contact me to let me know when you complete a late assignment. Due to the nature of this class, attendance and teamwork are important. A student who misses a deadline will lose half of the possible points for the assignment or classwork (tutorial).

 Checking out Cameras

I have a limited number DSLR cameras, lenses, and tripods available for students to check out during class and after class.

1-2 students can check out a camera using a hall pass.

There will be sign out sheets available in class where you will provide your name, camera ID number, tripod number and time you leave and return.

It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of their time and return as scheduled. A Failure to report back by the return time on the pass will result in a loss of photo pass privileges for one day. Privileges will be revoked for longer periods of time for habitual offenses. Partners must stick together. Failure to report back together is regarded as an infraction.

Photo passes are a privilege, not a right. In order to get a photo pass you must do the following:

  • Have a C or better in the class
  • Be on time that day to take photos

Other reasons you can have your pass revoked:

  • Taking pictures of people without asking their permission.
  • Interrupting any other class or school activity without permission.
  • Coming back late on a regular basis
  • Taking pictures in the bathrooms

A camera responsibility contract needs to be signed by all students and parents at the beginning of the semester. You will need to maintain a B grade average and have good attendance to check out school owned equipment overnight.


Our classroom is a community based on mutual respect. In order to grow as artists, scholars and citizens we will work together to create a safe space for everyone to explore and present their creative ideas and visual images.

Disruptive behavior creates a barrier to learning and achievement for yourself and others.


Students are encouraged to be active participants in their learning and participate in classroom activities individually and in groups to the best of their ability.


Our classroom is designed to be a place of learning and a reflection of the professional working standards you will eventually come to know. Being on time is important to your success and your classmates. Please be in class on time and ready to learn. If you are running behind please take your seat quickly and quietly. To get caught up you will need to check the daily class blog and Google classroom.

Classroom Seating

Mr. Wayrynen will assign your seat using an alphanumerical arrangement or random order. I may rearrange the seating in the classroom based on classroom needs.

Bathroom Pass

A bathroom pass is available for one student at a time. I limit the use of the bathroom pass to 10 minutes. Our bathroom is located around the corner on the left. The bathroom pass is not to be used for social hall visits, going out to your car, or skipping the majority of the class. You will have one bathroom break per class period. Bathroom breaks are not allowed 5 minutes after class starts and 5 minute before class ends (unless it is an emergency situation).

Classroom Etiquette

  • Food is not allowed in class.
  • Only clear bottled water securely capped and away from computers is acceptable.
  • Playing video games on school computers is not allowed.
  • Pranks, unplugging, or turning off computers will result in detentions, referrals and loss of computer and photo pass privileges.
  • Please don’t line up at the door before the bell rings.
  • Derogatory or inflammatory language is not tolerated.
  • Treat school property and equipment with respect and care. If something is not working properly please let me know.
  • Be respectful of others
  • Follow school rules
  • Follow district internet usage guidelines

Cell Phone Policy

Because use of cell phones are a distraction and for the betterment of student learning students may not use a cell phone during class time to place or receive calls, play games, view videos, text, view and communicate using social apps (SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) or any other activity which does not pertain to the instructional needs of a classroom assignment, projects or group activities. If there is an emergency and a student needs to be contacted please have calls go through the main office.

Cell phones need to be out of student’s hands and placed in a location not visible during instruction time. Non-compliance of the classroom cell phone policy will result in a referral and parental or legal guardian notification. More information and district policies regarding cell phone use during school can be found in the Evergreen School District Handbook under the heading Students and Telecommunications.

You can find a copy online at:

ESD Handbook



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