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Photo Challenge – Exposure Triangle

Learning targets:

  • I can complete an Exposure Triangle pre-assessment
  • I can use my computer as a research tool to look up what an exposure triangle is and record my research finding at my visual journal. Show photographic examples.
  • I can test my knowledge about the exposure triangle using an exposure simulator.


You will need to log in to your school district Google drive account to access the Google form.

T5i viewfinder meter

Making sure your simulated pictures are not too dark or too light answer the questions using your visual journal:

What does it mean to have a proper exposure?

What is the minimum shutter speed you need to stop the moving propeller?

What shutter speed creates a sense of movement in the propeller?

What is the best f/stop to use to get maximum Depth of Field (the most sharpness in the foreground and background)?

What is the visual difference in image quality between ISO 100 and ISO 25600?

What does the acronym ISO mean?

What does the ISO control inside the camera when you adjust it?

Respond to the questions and show your exposure captures from the simulator using your visual journal by the end of class today please.

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Final Portfolio

For your final you will create a photo portfolio website using your current visual journal. Each portfolio will be graded on the following:

1. A main page with the following:

  • A paragraph with an Artist Statement explaining  your overall style and influences as a photographer

2.  A second page with the following:

  • Your top five favorite photos you made this term.
  • A written statement about each image you chose, why you believe your selected photo stands out, and what inspired you to take the photograph?
  • Technical information about each image including aperture, shutter speed, ISO and focal length of each.(You can find this information in the metadata area of Lightroom)

3. A third page with the following:

  • A written statement about how you have grown as an artist and how your photography has improved. You need to include examples of your photography at the beginning of the semester and the work you are producing today.

4. A fourth page with your resume attached. Don’t have a resume? Use one of the resume templates found in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

  • Thing’s you’ll need on your resume.
    • First full and last name, with zero abbreviations.
    • Address (optional)
    • Phone Number (optional)
    • Email Address (optional)
  • Any and all job experiences both current and previous, even and especially if it was helping out a family member, volunteering time at a church and any extra curricular clubs, sports or activities you belong to.
  • Indicate the kind of work you would like to do.
  • Five Skill Statements. Choose five from examples below or make up your own.
    • To create a skill statement ask yourself the following?
    • What did I learn to do in this class?
    • Examples could include. “I am proficient at using a DSLR” or another example might be  “I can create and use Photoshop layer masks” or “I can increase depth of field by adjusting the aperture on a DSLR camera” or “I can freeze motion using a high shutter speed. “I can create a professional looking photograph using a DSLR camera and Photoshop.”

To create your online portfolio you will need to use your current visual journal.

When you have completed all of the above add a link to your final portfolio to the Final Portfolio assignment at the Google classroom.

Final portfolios are due at the end of the school day Friday January, 25. No late work will be accepted.

POV & Final Portfolio

Learning targets:

  • I can recognize and create a unique point of view photograph of a subject of my choice. (Mr. Wayrynen will review with students today)
  • I can write an artist statement.
  • I can select my top 5 images for my final portfolio using tagging tool in Lightroom.

I will be giving students a quiz Tuesday next week about photography terms and techniques. The quiz will be weighted the same as a photo challenge.

The quiz will cover:

  1. Depth of Field
  2. Aperture
  3. Shutter speed
  4. ISO
  5. Exposure triangle
  6. Principles and Elements of design and art
  7. Layers and layer masking in Photoshop

Please review your visual journals and study over the weekend.