Exposure Triangle – ISO

Questions: What differences do you see between the foreground and background of your photographs when shooting a picture at at f/5.6 versus f/22?

What do photographers call this effect created by adjusting the aperture?

Before continuing let’s review how to work with Lightroom and WordPress and cover basic use and buttons of a DSLR camera.

Learning Target:

  • I can adjust the ISO control of a DSLR camera and make five photographs using five different ISO settings.
  • I can post my pictures to my visual journal and reflect on what I see happening. What do you see differently about each picture? Describe what you learned.



  • Set the camera mode dial to Av (aperture priority) and use a 55mm focal length.
  • Go to a relatively bright location and photograph a subject (like flowers) with a consistent background. Use rule of thirds! Outside should work well.
  • Adjust the camera ISO from 100 to 3200 using a consistent subject, like flowers.
  • Import your pictures using Adobe Lightroom and add them to your visual journal. Describe what you see different about each picture. Zoom in to each picture with Lightroom. Which picture has the least amount of noise? The most image noise? Do the colors and contrast of the images look the same?

Turn in your visual journal link to the Google classroom assignment Exposure Triangle at the end of the period. Remember to publish your work and view it before copying your link. You will be graded on the completeness of your Exposure Triangle research and how many Exposure Triangle assignments you completed during the week and published to your visual journal.