Photo Challenge – Exposure Triangle

Learning targets:

  • I can complete an Exposure Triangle pre-assessment
  • I can use my computer as a research tool to look up what an exposure triangle is and record my research finding at my visual journal. Show photographic examples.
  • I can test my knowledge about the exposure triangle using an exposure simulator.


You will need to log in to your school district Google drive account to access the Google form.

T5i viewfinder meter

Making sure your simulated pictures are not too dark or too light answer the questions using your visual journal:

What does it mean to have a proper exposure?

What is the minimum shutter speed you need to stop the moving propeller?

What shutter speed creates a sense of movement in the propeller?

What is the best f/stop to use to get maximum Depth of Field (the most sharpness in the foreground and background)?

What is the visual difference in image quality between ISO 100 and ISO 25600?

What does the acronym ISO mean?

What does the ISO control inside the camera when you adjust it?

Respond to the questions and show your exposure captures from the simulator using your visual journal by the end of class today please.

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